“A real paripé”. Sofia Suescun (Survivors) are not thought nothing


March 27, 2020
(11:00 CET)

Like Rocío Carrasco, after his rupture with Kiko Jimenez, Gloria Camila he kept absolute silence. Not granting any interviews or even talking with the media. Months later and after rebuilding her life, the daughter of Ortega Cano it is put again in front of the cameras and what to defend Ana Maria Aldón on a film set. In Survivors there was the encounter more expected. The brides of Kiko Jimenez faces were. In most cases, have had tremendous troubles and have launched indirect and others have advocated.

Gloria Camila has been opened up, but Sofia Suescun not believe these words and believes that there is more than a play. It is no secret that Rocio Flores and Gloria Camila is carried to the thousand wonders. There is a good relationship between aunt and niece. The daughter of Antonio David, she first set foot on a film set when Gloria was expelled from Survivors. And both have always defended it tooth and nail.

gloria camilaGloria Camila has recognized this evening in front of Jorge Javier who feels guilty you’ve put your aunt in that complicated predicament. “I feel guilty that you had to eat part of my shitI was taken to a land that was not her own, she was here defending his father and I am his aunt and I want to,” he said. For this reason it will always be eternally grateful and wished to say publicly. The face of Sofia Suescun was a whole poem.

Gloria Camila gets along very well with his mother’s family. With Dew Flowers that aunt and niece are sisters, friends and confidants. Are of a similar age and shared hobbies, in addition to family. Followers of Sofia Suescun believe that all this is “a real paripé” to clean up their image and begin to talk again of tongo in Survivors.