Adele and the strict diet that led her to lose 19 kilos in a year


Some days ago, the british singer-songwriter Adele he surprised his followers then to come back to social networks with a posted by the end of year holidays. It looked splendid wearing a black dress adjusted and the comments it didn’t take long to arrive. Many were astonished by the incredible physical change that taught, and is not for less, since during the 2019 is proposed to have a healthier life.

In less than a year, the talented influencer of 31 years conducted a diet specific and strict, which led her to lose weight 19 kilos. The result was remarkable, and this food regime is added to the total To 70 kilos who leads lost in the last decade.

His diet was planned by the nutritionist Glen Matten and Aidan Goggings and is based on a daily intake of a thousand calories (on average, about half of which should be consumed by an adult) where there was much of the nuts (rich in omega e, calcium, iron and vitamins A, C and D), the onion (composed mainly by water, it has phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin C), the kale (kale has lots of vitamins A, C, E, and K) and the celery (a natural antioxidant that contains fiber, proteins, minerals, essential oils, and vitamins A, B and C).

Without giving up wine or chocolatebecause they are his favorites, he had to remove a large amount of food. To complement, you have opted to choose the practice of pilates as daily exercise.

Life healthy, food planned

“It is important to clarify that there are no diets or “magic” foods. The nutritionists we take as a reference the dietary guidelines they are educational tools with nutritional recommendations and specific that help to be able to make a healthy regime” explains to With Well-Being Andrea Graciano, graduated in nutrition (M. N. 2598) and president of the Argentine Federation of Graduates in Nutrition (FAGRAN).

The specialist points out that the guides are divided into various food groups, where are the vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes, dairy products, meat and ultra-processed (or industrialized) whose consumption is discouraged because you possess an excessive amount of fats, sugars and salt.

“To undertake a diet, the recommendation to the extent possible, is to avoid or decrease these last because they go hand-in-hand of a higher prevalence of overweight and obesity” she argues. In addition, it adds: “To boot, it is ideal to consult with a nutritionist. That way, you set a link between doctor and patient with agreements regarding how we will take forward the descent of the weight by means of a nutrition plan that will be the best for that person.”