Adele surprises us with amazing weight loss. What did he do?


Without a doubt, Adele, 31 years, musically it has one of the voices more recognizable in the world and, like all star, is no stranger to media attention.

In past days left thousands of people shocked, but not because of any theme music, but by his physical appearance, as he showed his amazing transformation of weight loss in a series of photos on the occasion of Christmas.

So was his change that some fans didn’t believe that was really she the girl that posed in the pictures of your Instagram.

Adele, quuien rose to fame in 2008 with their debut album, entitled 19has gone through change of life style, impressive throughout this year, and has gradually shown a physique much slimmer in every new appearance.

Your most recent change

On the eve of Christmas, the artist showed the more than 30 million followers in this social network a couple of festive images that showed his amazing transformation of weight loss, and many fans reacted to them with comments until of unbelief, as some “what are you?”.

While some fans applauded this change, others haven’t liked so much and expressed it through their comments.

“Who is this woman? Where is Adele?” “I want to the former Adele” “Adele already does not look like Adele”wrote some fans upset.

The images, black and white, showing Adele with a black dress with satin sleeves, abollonadas and a sweetheart pronounced, one at the side of Santa Claus and another to the side of The Grinch.

With the design you can see your silhouette more slender, already that also had a strategic opening in the thigh.

The rest of the look of Adele it was as a star of Hollywood of yesteryear with a mane, with her perfect curls that framed his face and striking lipstick that drew his attention, probably red, to give a touch of style.

This is not the first time

However, this is not the first time that Adele surprises with a weight loss so great.

His physical transformation more noticeable was in 2015, two years after being a mother, when you got rid of nothing more nor nothing less than 68 kilos.

How did he do it? At that time, the star said that he had followed a routine of exercise combined with the diet Sirtfood.

Nutritionists british Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten are the creators of this regime, which consists in taking food that may enhance the action of the ‘sirtuins’, which ensure speed up the metabolism and help you burn fat.

Sirtuins are proteins that are associated with aging, as which it says delayed the onset of age-associated diseases. There are several compounds that activate, among which stands out the resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant that is present in the wine. Some of the foods considered ‘sirt’ are the green tea, dark chocolate, apples, citrus fruits, parsley, turmeric, kale, blueberries, capers, red wine, the turkey, the chicken and the prawns.

The diet combined with an exercise routine called “7 minutes in heaven”, which lasts seven minutes of certain exercises and was accompanied by her personal trainer Peter Geracimo.

Another change

Years later, in October of 2019 and after her separation from her husband Simon Konecky, Adele returned to brand-new figure, which showed at the birthday party of Drake and where he said that “Already do not cry more, only sudo”.

On that occasion, the british singer was the ‘queen of the feast’ in a tight black dress of velvet, in which sported a figure much more stylized after losing 19 pounds.

This time, Adele’s controlled his weight with a vegetarian diet and plenty of exercise which, reportedly, part of his routine was to perform pilates and appliances in the comfort of your home with the help of your coach.

What do you think the change of Adele?

By: Drafting Vanities / Photo: Getty Images