Adult movies, page provides premium service for free by coronavirus


The movies for adults, they are one of the largest industry in the market, a famous page has helped thanks to the coronavirus, offering his premium service for free.

Due to the global pandemic in which we live in today is that it has taken this action in solidarity with some of their likely users.

It is important to know that the coronavirus has not affected simultaneously to the different country because in spite of having started in China from some days ago was the last patient so that the disease progresses slowly.

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Unfortunately the service of one of the largest web site where you can enjoy this service does not apply to all countries.

Will be only and exclusively for free for thirty days for Italy, as the page is in solidarity due to the outbreaks that began to appear since a few days in that country.

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It was through a press release that announced the news of the “precious gift” for users who enjoy watching this type of films are short or long.

In the press release it is stated: “During the entire month of march, you will have free access to the premium service”.

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In addition to this great gesture of the web site, adding that the gains obtained during the month will be donated directly to the hospitals in Italy with the aim of helping the health sector to troubleshoot a little faster ifecciones that plague the country.

Maybe for some people the news of the famous page to be a mockery, or hold it as a taboo but it really has been dedicated to second some issues, both health and environmental, as another of the news that is shared on the part of the web site was for a certain amount of reproductions on the page would be devoted to plant a tree.

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