Aislinn Derbez returns to Instagram with hot photo in bikini While bathing!


Aislinn Derbez had claimed that would be away for a time of social networks to cope with their separation from actor Mauricio Ochmann. However, his estrangement from Instagram ended very fast, as recently we shared a burning picture in his stories of the social network where he shows up with a spectacular bikini leopard print pattern, while bathing.

Though Mauritius and Aislinn you have not made a break as such, it is known that each took their own path by now, to analyze if you really want to continue together. They were considered one of the stronger relationships of the show, so fans are hoping that they will soon be able to overcome their differences and return.

However, since each one is continuing with his life to part, we know that Aislinn Derbez is better than ever, recently shared a sensual picture where boasts the impressive thing is your anatomy. While taking a shower, Aislinn presumed to be scorching and toned body.

The actress of 33 years old is teaching a sexy bikini leopard that makes it look more amazing, for which its thousands of followers of social networks they appreciated that Aislinn Derbez has not been section of both the networks and keep sharing these awesome pictures.

Aislinn Derbez enjoy your new life

Now that mexicana Aislinn Derbez is separated momentarily of actor Mauricio Ochmann of 42 years, note that is more concentrated on herself and her small daughter Kailani. Although it has not been in social networking so often, the actress is proving that despite their separation, is still as radiant as ever.

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The fans were devoted to send various messages of love and motivation to the actress of “the bad”, and many expressed admire to Aislinn by the great strength that you have had during these difficult times.