Alexis and Claudia Valdés celebrate the 15 days in quarantine with cake and candle


The popular actors cubans Alexis and Claudia Valdes held the 15 days they have been in quarantine for the coronavirus with sail, cake and dance.

The couple shared in their networks a fun video of their celebration: “Here we are celebrating 15 days of confinement. How pretty!”.

The cake that celebrated it was in the shape of a roll of toilet paper and a small bottle of hand sanitizer with them, well-known in the united States as “hand sanitizer”.

The artists sang Congratulations the quarantine and wanted to “not last many more years”, also danced and caught it with his good humor and fun to his followers, who expressed their appreciation that make you laugh at times so difficult as those who are living almost all over the world due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Hahaha they are the best”, “I already turned two months and all your programs and the stories of Clau have helped me a lot, wants a cuban from China”, “I’m dying of laughter”, “You are joy in the midst of the storm”, “How great you are, how rich you laugh so”, “Ayyyyy what’s really cool are you already encouraged me , I think I’m going to make a cake”, “You will lift the mood of anyone, always make me laugh a lot and more in these difficult times”, commented on some of his followers.

Claudia and Alexis Valdés also had a lot of fun to fans with a song dedicated to the new coronavirus, entitled I hate you, COVID.

Both artists have not only maintained their networks very active to make people laugh to his followers, but also to warn them and exhort them to remain at home, to be able to curb the growing progress of the coronavirus.

The united states became Thursday in the country with the most confirmed cases of coronavirus, above China and Italy and is close to the 100 thousand cases. The state of Florida is among the most infected are, with almost 3 000.