“And that day will come, when we kiss, embrace, unite”


The cuban actress Tahimi Alvariño Fast wanted to encourage his followers and to send a message of love, peace and hope in the midst of the difficult situation at the global level because of the spread of the COVID – 19.

The artist has shared some beautiful words in your social networks that encourages their friends and admirers to carry on with strength and with positive vibe this tough stage by the coronavirus and they have been giving a puff of breath to ensure that this nightmare will pass and that within a very little the day will come when we can go back to hugging, kissing, and being together with our loved ones.

To support his words, Tahimi Alvariño also wanted to give shows and example of it is also undergoing quarantine as a preventive measure to the coronavirus and has uploaded a photograph in which appears next to his son Diego, the fruit of her marriage with the also actor cubano Bárbaro Marínsitting very smiling in the garden of his home in Havana.

“And that day will come, when we kiss, embrace, unite. Stronger, more committed, more aware, more authentic. Appreciating every instant, every moment, every beat of our heart. That day will come and we will have changed and we will have found the meaning of life, which is nothing other than to live it from the dictates of our soul. She knows the path, is leading us. Happy journey into the simple, to what makes us great and authentic. Happy life. And meanwhile, my son Diego and I stayed at home,” wrote the actress.

Tahimi Alvariño, who in the past month of February met 51 years more radiant and lovely than ever, has been one of the artists of the island that has been dump in to give courage to his followers and that more has asked that awareness of and responsibility to the scourge of the pandemic.

Last week, the artist he shared a video in which he went out, accompanied by her motherthe prestigious cuban actress Coralita Veloz, in which he urged everyone to stay at home during the crisis of the coronavirus and that was applauded by the followers of both.

“We’re here to tell you that we stayed at home, looking after us, taking care of yourself. Let’s do something for life,” said Tahimi. Seconds later the two said: “I’m staying at home”.