ANIME: Fruits Basket presents the music of his second season


Fruits Basket prepares for the premiere of its second season, and advance to the fans of the reboot have presented the musical themes that will be part of this new delivery.

ANIME: Fruits Basket presents the music of his second season

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The main theme of the second season will be interpreted by Miyuna next to AmPm, which will be the name, “Prism”, while the closing theme of each chapter of Fruits Basket“Ad meliora”, will be interpreted by Hemenway, ex – guitarist of The Charm Park.

On the premiere of the new season of Fruits Basket will be released on the 6th of April in Japan through TV Tokyo, although in the united States will be released the first three chapters in the united States thanks to FUNimation.

This new adaptation of Fruits Basket, the manga created by Natsuki Takaya, has been widely accepted by fans of the original version in 2001, those who anxiously await the second season of the reboot.

The reboot of Fruits Basket

The new reboot of Fruits Basket, which premiered in April of 2019, featured 25 episodes in its first season, and features a new cast of voice actors, and production team.

“After a family tragedy gave a twist to his life, the high school student Tohru Honda decides to confront the matter with their own hands […] Set your new home on the land belonging to the mysterious clan Sohma, and not spend a lot of time until the owners discover their secret.”

The new production team of Fruits Basket is formed by Yoshihide Ibata, as a director, Masaru Shindou in charge of the design of the characters, and own, Natsuki Takaya as a supervisor executive.

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Fruits Basket will adapt the manga completely to anime series, unlike its predecessor that only had two seasons but has reached a great success in Japan – where it was considered the best anime of 2001), and other countries.