Bad Bunny is dressed as a woman and launches feminist message in the video-clip of “I dirty dancing alone”


The controversial ragman puerto rican Bad Bunny premiered this Friday, the video clip of your topic I dirty dancing, single, in which wore the woman to send a feminist message with his own style.

When both fans as critics of the ‘rabbit evil’ believed to have seen him all over the controversial artist, he decides to continue to surprise and, as he assured purpose of the release of his album YHLQMDLG, “I will always do the opposite of what is expected of me”, warning that if the public believes that what you can predict, you are mistaken.

In the clip, the street artist, is featured wearing three female styles different: the first is comprised of bodice, skirt, and high boots of red latex, with the painted lips, lashes and false nails, dark shadow on the eyes and wig of black hair and short.

The second look consists of a dress of patterned orange and yellow, a hair wig wavy hair and long, less makeup and clothing, and a pronounced cleavage with big breasts.

A third look it appears just in a few seconds of the video, in which the artist sports a mane of long blonde, a beret sequins and a body tight black.

“If you don’t want to dance with you, respects you, she perrea single”, is the message that leaves a Bad Bunny at the end of the video, with your song you want to make men understand that women have the right to dance the way they want to and that does not mean that they want a man to stick to you.

“No slimy it will stick”, warns in a fragment of the song.

In one of the scenes of the video clip you see a sign that says “not one less” in neon green, in reference to the fight against gender-based violence and feminicide, which has intensified in the continent in the last year.

In addition, there is another poster that says “women in charge”.

Since it began to be known, Bad Bunny has been highlighted by break with the stereotype of macho that has always characterized the genre urban.

The artist not only has included topics on violence against women, the homophobia, the transphobia, but also paints the fingernails, and has been able to appear in a program as popular as The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon wearing a skirt to report a murder.