Beam Me Up Scotty by Nicki Minaj celebrates ten years


At a distance of ten years, let’s see what we have left to Beam Me Up Scotty by Nicki Minaj.

On the 18th of April 2009 came Beam Me Up Scotty of Nicki Minaj, his third mixtape. This project has allowed her to forcefully enter in the rap game, paving the way for the successful life of his first official album Pink Friday (#1 on the Billboard Hot 200 and triple platinum in the States).

The mixtape Onika show us the true side of the “road” of the rapper, a side that in recent years has emerged shyly from his records (except for Queen) or only in certain featuring: many of the fans of the first hour have often reproached for having abandoned their origins to embrace the mainstream.

However, in the opinion of the writer, it is precisely the versatility to make Onika the great rapper that is, to make her a character and an artist that should be more taken seriously. We had to wait until 2018 to get a hard rap worthy of the name, but it was worth the thought. Queen it is not a perfect job, but tracks such as LLC, Coco Chanel and Barbie Dreams confirm that the queen is still her.

At a distance of ten years, Beam Me Up Scotty allows us to rediscover the vein of the hardcore of one of the rapper’s most successful of all time. A work freed from the logic of the market and without any claim to achieve the top positions of the charts of the world: a disc-spontaneous, imperfect, and variegated.

The title refers to a slogan widespread among americans, which derives its origin from the well-known Star Trek. “Beam Me Up Scotty” remember the command that captain Kirk gives his right arm Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, when he needs to be beamed up to the spaceship Enterprise. Despite being associated with the series, this phrase has never been uttered.

It is, however, the entry in the common language, and can be used to express the desire to be elsewhere. If we read the sentence together with the cover of the mixtape, it is easy to guess what Nicki Minaj wants to tell us with this project: she is the future of rap in the pink and it is precisely there that Beam Me Up Scotty there’s movements.

There are many guests in the mixtape: in addition to Lil Wayne, Drake and Birdman, you’ll find Busta Rhymes, Gucci Mane, and other names in the underground scene of those years. BMUS looks like a work of hip-hop, rough and contaminated by the r&b, rock and pop. Among the best tracks, we I Get Crazy and Go Hard with Lil Wayne, the remix of Best I Ever Had” (not present in all versions) as well as Can Anybody Hear Me and the immortal Itty Biggy Piggy.

The latter will be the track to sculpt the figure of Nicki Minaj in the collective imagination. At a distance of ten years, Itty Biggy Piggy it is still one of the favorite songs by fans of the rapper Chun Lia must have in her live. The beat, minimal – that is very reminiscent of the one of the most recent Barbie Tingz gives me a way to Onika to show off rhymes, incredible and technical ability is almost unmatched from most of its peers.

It will be difficult for the world of music comes to give the proper credit to Nicki Minaj. You want the resistance to rap in the pink who is the host, you want to the character ambiguous and at times inconsistent that the rapper has sewn on himself. Beyond this, we must recognize that Onika had the merit of resuscitating the rap female after the oblivion into which it fell in 2005. In previous years, the explosion of the storm Nicki Minaj are not loss of good jobs, the feminine (think of Worth Tha Weight of Shawnna), but no one has managed to impose itself as an icon and a trendsetter like you.

A fifth album is coming and we don’t know what to expect: it is true that Onika Tanya Maraj has talent and Beam Me Up Scotty reminds us of.