Bomb at home of María Teresa Campos. “It’s gone”. Toñi Moreno, Mila Ximénez and Saturday Deluxe, in shock


María Teresa Campos

March 28, 2020
(14:15 CET)

The life of María Teresa Campos gave it a spin a few years ago. And is that the veteran journalist went from being one of the ‘queen of the morning’ of the small screen in our country to be one of the main protagonists of the press of the heart.

Something that, since then, he struggled to accept in the beginning. In fact, Fields he was battling for a good time with Paolo Vasile to the head of the chain is not allowed to discard the grill.

That is why, wanting to continue being one of the protagonists of Telecinco, both she and their daughters, Carmen Borrego and Tereluagreed to a proposal so singular as attractive for the fans of Maria Theresa. A spice of reality with the seal of the chain under the name of The Fields.

The Fields in New York

The bomb in the house of María Teresa Campos

It was in that moment that Mary Teresa and their daughters, entered fully into the category of characters in the world of the heart. And that, while it has reported earnings-based exclusive in different magazines, it also causes your intimate life have been discovered.

And of course, there are certain things that Fields does not carry well at all. And one of them is made to always be in the crosshairs of the paparazzi. Is more, the media pressure has led, as is well known by his friends Toñi Moreno and Mila Ximenez, as well as the rest of the team Saturday DeluxeMaria Teresa ends up with the appointments Emilio Javier.

Emilio Javier Gómez and María Teresa Campos

A Emilio Javier which, knowing that Fields put an end to his relationship with Edmundo Arrocet recently, they saw as the new partner of the journalist in the wake of the many meetings in recent times.

But of course, leaving very clear Mary Teresa between her and Javier there is nothing more than a very good friendship, wanted to suspend these appointments so as not to give even more arguments that point in that direction. “Has passed” point from your environment. Yes, Fields has lived in first person the burden of the press of the heart.