Chocolate MC, in quarantine, but happy with your family celebrating the birthday of his father-in-law


The reguetonero cuban Yosvani Arismín Sierra Hernandez, popularly known within the guild city as Chocolate MCis giving example to his followers of good conscience and responsibility to the quarantine by the coronavirus and is making the most of the free time to enjoy at home next to theirs.

In fact, it has been celebrating the birthday of his father-in-law in his apartment next to his bride Daine and her daughter Odainys and wanted to share the moment with all his followers of social networks and has taken the opportunity to invite them to respect the quarantine for the good of all.

“In quarantine, but happy with my family. You do the same thing next to yours. Congratulations to my father-in-law, you fulfill many more,” said Chocolate MC next to the publication.

Daine, for their part, also recorded in his account of Instagram to the beautiful family moment and uploaded a picture which featured her, Chocolate MC, and his little daughter sitting together at the table.

Daine / Instagram

Since the beginning of the difficult health situation in the united States because of the coronavirus, “The king of all reparteros” has remained isolated to provide proper protection to your family against a possible spread of the pandemic.

In fact, in the past has been concentrated in the creation and composition of new subjects to the public lover of reggaeton as a Love toy, which did not hesitate to share a preview with all his fans that follow him daily on their social networks.

According to commented the own Chocolate MC in his profile of Instagram, it is all a “master of composition,” and emphasized through a video in which he appears singing the song a cappella from the living room of your home.

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