‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’: this was the reaction of Tom Welling at the end of Superman


‘Crisis on Infinite earths’ has been without a doubt one of the crossovers most ambitious of the past year. In it he saw not only the characters of the different series of the Arrowverso, as usual, but we also saw several connections with other serieslike ‘Titans’ or ‘Smallville’. With respect to this second, his protagonist Tom Welling, adopted the point of view that gave to his character.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

In the crossover, the Superman Welling had given up her powers and live a normal lifeand this is something that the producer Marc Guggenheim had already spoken with the actor, to which he seemed well. “The idea that Clark would give up his powers to have this kind of life, fit with all of us, and I think that really also did with Tom. It just makes sense”he said in an interview granted to Fake Nerd Podcast. In addition, he wanted to make it clear that “yes, that became Superman, he had all these adventures, but it is left to your imagination.”

The crossover will return during the quarantine

With the main series of the Arrowverso affected by the downturn in the coronavirus and without the power to issue its final episodes, something that has happened with series like ‘The Flash’, ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Batwoman’, it has been decided to re-issue this great crossover. According to Comicbookthe CW it would begin to broadcast on Tuesday, April 7to go part by part on different days and that this is to do something more enjoyable quarantine. In addition, it assumes that the fans who didn’t have time to watch it on your time can see it now.