“Cristina Pedroche is hooked”. The problem of the wife of David Muñoz


March 28, 2020
(13:25 CET)

Cristina Pedroche is one of those famous Spain that, what you do, say what you say, is always in the spotlight. What is certain is that, as you well know those who follow it for a long time, to be in turbulent waters and in the middle of the controversy is something that of Vallecas likes.

There have been a few times that Cristina has posted a photo or a video, which has resulted in a strong controversy in the networks. The woman David Muñoz it is not precisely of the that always seeks to be well with the world. On the contrary. It has always been so and always will be.

Cristina Pedroche

And being thus demonstrated, as well reflect their numbers of followers and their impact in the media, that there are many who agree with your way of thinking, dressing, etc, however, that fame also has a negative side. And more in our country where, every time someone becomes a media phenomenon, appear haters from beneath the stones to charge against them.

The problem of Cristina Pedroche

The case is that, taking into account that Cristina is going to the quarantine in his house, like the rest of the citizens that reside in Spainis there where you are doing your routines sports.

And of course, taking into account how much you would like to share with their followers all that he does, Cristina is posting a lot of photos and videos on his Instagram doing sport.

Something that, for many, is more than positive. Eye, not for its detractors, that we have wanted to give back to these pictures to ensure that Pedroche has a problem and that “Is hooked” to the sport.

Comments such as “It is also not normal that is all the day doing yoga and sport” or “This woman is not average…or does nothing and is putting on weight a few pounds, or not to, and put to do sports as a obsesa” are some of the comments in this regard.