Dalú of The Academy boasts its charms in a bikini in the style of Yasmin Garcia


Dalú of The Academy it has achieved popularity in the social networks, due to the daring photos that are shared, as the winner of the reality show of TV Azteca, has followed in the footsteps of famous girls fitness as Yanet Garcia.

The young man has managed to become the favorite of Instagram, although at the moment has added more than 323 thousand followers, so that it has become more active by following the publications that makes the ex “Girl of the weather”.

It seems that the winner of the last season of The Academy, in addition to devote himself to music, he wants to become a girl fitness, because before you get to the sing-a-long, the famous commented that his physique was different.

Even on one occasion Barbara de Regil was present at the famous house of studies program of TV Azteca, and it was at that moment that the singer broke the silence and confessed that she decided to change her style of life.

In addition to being very active on Instagram, the singer Dalú also been released in Tik Tok, where she shares some workout routines following in the footsteps of the famous girl fitness Yanet Garcia.

The singer of The Academy displays his charms

In the recent photo that he shared the singer, you can appreciate your curves, while I enjoyed contemplating the sunny day at the beach, because apparently the ex-student of The Academy confessed to his followers on Instagram, that he misses those places to relax.

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It seems that the young artist wants to be like the sultry former “Girl of the weather,” Yanet Garcia, and the beautiful mexican model has achieved popularity in Instagram for his daring pictures and videos, showing off their charms with the sportswear very and sexy in lingerie.

Photo: Instagram.