DEVELOPER – Kerly Ruiz confessed that he received abuse on the part of Leonardo Villalobos “I spat in the face”


The leader of venezuela, Kerly Ruiz still stirring up dust after his statements in the space of an interview conducted by Irrael Gomez “conversations that are not published”, this time, it has been revealed that the influencer was talking about the presenter Leonardo Villalobos when he confessed that he spat upon the face in the channel of the hill.

This Sunday, we released a new edition of the “Conversations that are not published”, where Irrael counted with the presence of the mother of his youngest daughter the cheerleader creole Kerly ruizwho no doubt left all her fans and even critics impressed with the revelations that he gave in the space.

The driver of Chic of the day without hairs on the tongue let you know that during his early days in Venevision, he lived the worst days of his life, among them the first time you did a special coverage for Miss Venezuela, when she cubria guidelines outdoor program Portada’s.

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“They did not know that it was a girl that was shaking from the fear of entering the corridors of Venevisión by those monsters that had (…) I shut the door in my face for not giving me interviews and I had to say: ‘I’ve got to stick your tongue inside,” she recounted with shudder the cheerleader.

What undoubtedly caused the most impact was when Ruiz revealed that the toxicity that you faced when it came to Venevision influenced in the rupture of her marriage with Franco Bellomo, because he had to endure that a talent of the channel we were to spit the face and treated you with contempt.

Despite the fact that, in the interview, mutated the name of the person involved, it was known by the statements of the influencer who spoke of the also presenter venezuelan Leonardo Villaloboswho for the time was driving the marathon weekend Super Saturday sensational.

Able to know that Kerly Ruiz was referring to Villalobos because afterwards he said that a few weeks ago we blew open the doors of EVTV, channel lock currently, for this would give his right to reply because what they were checking for “perpetrator” in the dominican Republic.

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