Do you have hypertension? The fruits that help you reduce it



March 27, 2020
(11:24 CET)

One of the major groups of risk in these days of the pandemic coronavirus covid-19 is the people that suffer from hypertension. The disease is chronic and is related to a blood pressure very high.

As have been investigated in a study by the University of Helsinki (Finland) nutrition is key to regulate this condition, or at least control it.

In fact, there are a number of fruits that can help you greatly improve your blood pressure and that it would be important to have at hand often.

The cranberry, such a great fruit

The study investigated how she reacted to the body at 8-10 weeks of various foods for the blood pressure and you could see that the cranberry juice went down on that voltage.

In fact, the researchers warn: “These experimental findings require evidence of comparative clinical studies in healthy individuals with high blood pressure are slightly elevated who, at this point, you’ve been given nutritional counseling and lifestyle rather than drug therapy. The cranberry juice is not a substitute for medication, but it is a good dietary supplement“.

Virtually everything related to the cranberry helps to this pathology. It is often used as a preventive method for these infections. In addition, be some antibiotics naturale very potent against the bacteria.

So take note: blueberry, cranberry, the black currant or black currant are great foods that can help to control your blood pressure these days. Do you have any at home?