DO YOU TIP PA’ OSMARIEL? – Sascha Fitness says that you will never be charged for a greeting (+VIDEO)


Days ago arose controversy with Osmariel Villalobos as part of the application ‘Celebrities’, where the creole charges 50 dollars for a custom greeting, quantity that internet users considered exaggerated.

This application became viral on Twitter, as several venezuelan artists involved in it, something that many users in the social network criticized by the fact charge for a simple greeting.

Before this, a fan named Ana Maria tweeted, “I will apologize but I would pay for a greeting Sascha Fitness, it is you that I love you too”without imagine that then the own youtuber would reply.


Memes and reactions after which to know that Osmariel charges 50 USD for a greeting (+VIDEOS, and TWEETS)

Sascha responded to your comment and wrote “I NEVER would charge for a greeting” accompanied by a video in which he sends greetings to his fan, an action that was applauded by other users and even speculated that it would be a tip for Osmariel.

“Hi Anna Maria how are you?, How is this quarantine? Here is a greeting for you with much affection, I send you a big kiss”said the nutrition specialist.

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