Elfen Lied: Scary cosplay of Lucy cause rage on Instagram


Users of social networks have stayed with the open mouth after seeing the amazing but scary cosplays an artist of Russian-made Lucy, main character of the iconic anime series Elfen Lied then share it in your account Instagram.

There is No denying that one of the anime series with thematic gore more emblematic of the story is, without a doubt Elfen Lied, which was created in 2002 by the mangaka Lynn Okamoto and with its 13 chapters, was able to captivate the audience with the shocking history of their mysterious characters.

Its popularity has managed to spread throughout the world during the last few years, and perhaps Lucy is the favorite character of all lovers of the anime Elfen Lied, which is why a artist Russian name Mariya Cheza has wanted to do several cosplays that have managed to leave with the mouth open to more than one user.

Elfen Lied: Scary cosplay of Lucy cause rage on Instagram.

Russian woman performs amazing cosplay of Elfen Lied

Mariya Cheza has managed to become the cosplayer favorite of thousands of internet users thanks to the impressive and similar to that achieved with their characterizations, but a favorite is that made about Lucy, a character that appears within the series Elfen Lied.

On this occasion we present two cosplays that Mariya Cheza has been made on Lucy and which have managed to cause a furor in the social networks by the darker aspect to this talented artist Russian has adopted to resemble the diclonius most dangerous on the planet.

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The cosplayer russia, which currently exceeds 2 thousand 113 followers on Instagram, wanted to imitate Lucy how they portrayed the animators of ARMS: fully naked and with jets of blood around it, just as it was known in the first episode of the series Elfen Lied.

Photos: Instagram @cheza_flower and ARMS