Five series and movies that you have to avoid in times of coronavirus


If you are a movie buff or addicted to the television series, the days of quarantine by the coronavirus will give you something that we usually do not have too much of: Time in front of the tv.

Even if you work from home, there is no doubt that you will have more possibilities to do marathons of movies or series that you’ve always wanted to see, but you needed to take exactly that time.

It is a great idea. Always and when don’t fall into the temptation of seeing any of these series or movies that can make you very ill to your mood on days in which the coronavirus has changed the functioning of society.

Then you do a brief summary of five of these products are very famous, that you should avoid during the quarantine period. For your own good (or the people who support your moods).

1. Utopia (series)

“Utopia” // Photo:

Five addicted to the comics they are hunted by an organization known as The Network, which maintains a sordid project on the expansion of a virus called Janus. The series of English was highly acclaimed after its premiere in 2013, but if you want to out your mind a little bit of the paranoia that generate the infections by viruses, it is not a good idea that you choose to see it now.

2. Contagion (movie)

Contagion // Photo:

When it premiered in 2011, was a blockbuster. Its cast is a luxury: Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lawrence Fishburne, and many more. Its director, another heavyweight: Steven Soderbergh. Contagion he received applause almost unanimous, and was advised by experts on the disease from reputable the planetary. Account of the worldwide catastrophe that causes a virus highly contagious and deadly. I am sure that this argument sounds these days. Keep it on the radar… for later. (In the event that we are to be left after).

3. The Walking Dead (series)

The Walking Dead // Photo:

The great series franchise AMC (along with Breaking Bad) is another product of the masses and if you don’t dress up today, better to defer to “normal” times. A plot that revolves around a virus that turned the planet into a warehouse for zombies, with scenes gore in the midst of a world that is dystopian and failed, will not help precisely to overcome certain periods of depression or distress during these times of coronavirus.

4. Epidemic (movie)

“Epidemic” (Outbreak) // Photo:

His name tells you everything. It is one of the classics of the “film viral” which has a disaster from diseases. It was released in 1995 and the panic that generated the monkey brought from Africa, the interior of which housed a germ terribly contagious and lethal, persists until today. Dustin Hoffmann, Donald Sutherland, Morgan Freeman, Rene Russo, Kevin Spacey, a cast of Oscars that became even more expansive in the message. Just the type of movie that you will see the coronavirus as the end of the human species. Although it is not (yet).

5. Pandemic (documentary series)

Pandemic // Photo:

It seems incredible, but we had to include a product just released by Netflix, which has already received criticism for suggesting precisely to its millions of users to films and documentaries that generate all the anxiety of the world on the subject of pandemics.

“Pandemic” premiered at the end of January, in the middle of a crisis health in Wuhan by the expansion of the coronavirus. Is a documentary series about the difficulties that you will find the world to stop the infectious diseases that are on the way. The series starts by reminding a flu pandemic that erupted in 1918, and that affected one of every three people on the planet. Thank you, Netflix, just what we needed.