From Angelina Jolie to Rihanna, all of the donations in the millions for the emergency Coronavirus


Athletes and actors, singers, influencers, and entrepreneurs, took the field against Covid-19, between Fund-raising and significant donations

Emergency Covid-19 the world beat. And rise in the field, were the first celebrities.

Influencers and models, actors and singers, personalities of the fashion and sports festival, the protagonists considerable donations, fundraising and laudable initiatives. Here are some of between the vip, the have contribution against the Coronavirus.

Donations against the Covid-19: the influencers

The first donations were Ferragni Fedez and Chiara, the two have 150,000 euros for the new intensive care unit in the hospital San Raffaele in Milan, is launching a fundraising campaign, the soon – exceeded 4 million euros. A number of really strong, which has allowed us to open up the Department in record time. A million euro is like a gift, instead of Kylie Jennerthe youngest of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, to support for the purchase of respiratory protection masks and protective equipment for doctors and paramedics.

And if Chiara is determined Ferragni has 100% of the sales of the capsule collection in collaboration with Oreo, Mariano Di Vaio he launched a line of t-support shirts houses of the Italian sick. Numerous are now donated to the influencer, in the first person and to your started fundraising support, health care, doctors and nurses, in order to more jobs in the intensive care, to protect more with the breathing and all the necessary safety equipment for medical staff and to protect.

Donations against the Covid-19: actor and singer

Overseas, many are the celebrities who have decided to fight against the Coronavirus.

Angelina Jolie donated a million dollars to No Kid Hungry, a charity that serves hot meals, the little Americans, the needy, the most; the same have made Blake Lively and Ryan Reynoldsone million donated, a merger of the American and canadian Association of, care for and support the elderly and people in need. A million dollars is, how much donated, from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Frontline responders Fund, for the delivery of devices and medical equipment.

Five million donated, instead of Rihanna for the support of banks for food, speed up the tests and the support in countries such as Haiti and Malawi, training of medical personnel and equipment available, and support the intensive care unit. Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba instead, they have decided to take measures to damp your company: the first married, the cause of Arnold Schwarzenegger movie with us $ 100,000, the diapers second donated, towels and detergent for the needy.

In Italy Francesco Facchinetti he doesn’t have his support at various facilities (the Milan’s Niguarda hospital) with the accession to the campaign, “we leave it, no”: “Because in Italy there are still patients, of the series A and the patients of serie B. Who is at risk, of any age, TO BE SAVED. We opened a crowdfunding campaign connected with the state hospitals in Italy. The first, which will help the Niguarda of Milan,” he explained. Andrea Bocelli fell over in the field for the support of the hospital of Camerino, in the marches, while many singers have donated indoor and singers (including Emma and Alex Britti), through the initiative of Rockol #iosuonodacasa.

Donations against the Covid-19: the athletes

It was not to be seen, not even in the world of sports. Last in order of time Novak Djokovicthe tennis player who, with his wife, Jelena, has donated a million euro to Serbia for the purchase of respiratory protection masks and other nursing AIDS. Cristiano Ronaldo gave 35 seats to the intensive care unit in Lisbon and Porto, Lorenzo Insigne has designated € 100,000 for hospitals from the region of Campania, Francesco Totti has paid for 15 devices for the intensive care unit to Spallanzani, Zlatan Ibrahimovic FFP2 hospitals Humanitas.

And if there are so many athletes to donate to the have decided to are, the collection is supported by Fedez and Chiara Ferragni (Bobo Vieri, Paulo Dybala, Alvaro Morata), various teams you are brought into the game: the Rom for the hospital Spallanzani, Milan, for the AREU (Azienda Regionale emergency), Juventus, with the initiative “DistantiMaUniti”, the Inter-the support of the hospital and of the sanitary facilities of the civil protection.

Donations against the Covid-19: entrepreneur

Between the donations are larger than in the fight against the Covid-19 there the entrepreneur are: Silvio Berlusconi has donated 10 million euros for the construction of the new hospital at the fair in Milan, Armani 1 million donated 250 thousand euro and has decided to convert its factories for the production of disposable lab coat.

François-Henri Pinault for the financing of hospitals in the Lombardy, Veneto, Tuscany and Lazio, the Benetton have donated three million for hospitals Ca’ Foncello Treviso, lot Milan, Spallanzani, and Policlinico Agostino Gemelli in Rome. And then Donatella Versace (€200,000 at the San Raffaele), Dolce&Gabbana, Prada, Amazon (2.5 million euros to the Italian civil protection and a million different non-profit organizations), lambs (10 million euros). A real mobilization, to try to defeat Covid-19.