Hailey Baldwin broken. Photo terrible. “Justin Bieber is eating,”


Hailey Baldwin

17 December 2019
(16:20 CET)

Much is being talked about in the last hours of Justin Bieber. And is that have appeared several photos that have left the community of fans of the singer with open mouth. Eye, not exactly for the good. On the contrary.

And that is, seeing the images, there are a few that suggest that “Justin Bieber is consuming”. While it is true that the accusation has no basis, there are not a few who, seeing the appearance of the artist and taking into account its past, it is not exactly far-fetched that it could be once again entering into a negative loop.

The photo of Justin Bieber

Two photos that have left the woman of Justin, Hailey Baldwin, broken. Among other things because the photos have been derived in a series of comments on the networks that the model would not have wanted to read ever.

My mother how is Justin Bieber”, “What bad looks”, “it Gives the impression that you do not pass a good time”, “Is fatal”, “Very thin and emaciated” or “It was time that I did not see Justin as well” these are just some of them.

Comments, how, not, are based on the previous experience of Justin. And it is that it was the Bieber the that confessed long ago to having consumed “hard drugs”. A confession that many have now recovered.

I began to consume hard drugs at the age of 19 and denigré to my couples. I became a resentful and lost respect for women. I tuned out of all that I wanted and I started to hide behind a shell. It has taken Me years to recover from all those decisions, fix those broken relationships and change my bad habits in the relationships”.

Let’s see if in the next few days Justin reassuring or not to their followers by posting images that leave behind this “bad image” that you have now. What is certain is that, as was to be expected, the concern is evident. And with good reason.