Hailey Baldwin knows what is her favorite song and not Justin Bieber


Model Hailey Baldwin has revealed what is his favorite song and the social networks have not been slow to catch fire. The wife of the canadian has shared your single favorite Instagram Stories and it is not a composition of Justin Bieber for what he has received millions of messages.

Hailey Bieber and the singer of ‘Baby’ are nail and flesh, so much so that a few months ago we were able to see how both subsequently marry and you swore eternal love. In the photographs that were made public of the ceremony the two were very affectionate and happy by sharing the rest of your life. Since then, we have proven time and time again that in your relationship there is only love and happiness.

Despite their busy work schedules, both get time to be together, and this is what has been shown in social networks. In addition to sharing housing and routine, on many occasions, we have also learned that they share tastes, but on this occasion it seems not to be so and is that Hailey Baldwin has revealed what is his favorite song and apparently it is not a single from her husband.

Hailey Baldwin has been shared from your profile on Instagram your favorite song and it’s ‘Belong To You’a single of the american artist Sabrina Claudio. This work was launched in 2017 and there are numerous versions of it on different platforms on YouTube, since that came to light is one of the topics that are most gone and is that the singer managed to captivate with his voice.

Apparently, the woman of Justin Bieber is obsessed with this topic and can’t stop listening to it. The model rose to Instastories a photograph in which we can see that she was enjoying the song and is that in the last hours it seems that you have not dreamed of anything more in the phone Hailey Baldwin, something we think is completely normal since this issue of Sabrina Claudio is a great composition.