“Have been broken by an infidelity”. Kiko Matamoros does not want to talk about the topic


March 27, 2020
(13:06 CET)

Kiko Matamoros was the one who announced the alleged infidelity of Cayetano Rivera Eva Gonzalez with Karelys Rodriguez and announced that both would break their relationship in brief. However, none of that has happened. If you saw the pictures, but they do not prove anything and in addition belong to years ago. According to the protagonists when the two of them had decided to take a time in your relationship.

Now the partner of Save me has uncovered another high-profile breakdown of one of the couples of fashion. Gianmarco and Adara Miller. We’ve run boxes. The Italian is very active in social networks, and share many moments with his followers. However, this Wednesday was throwing a message very cryptic. Let the networks temporarily because I was not well. Many believed that it was due to the situation of Italy by the coronavirus, where is all of your family. But it is not your only problem.


To Gianmarco and Adara were just the love before time. Their relationship has always been one of comings and goings and never ended up oficializarla. After the ongoing questions of his followers, the exconcursante de GH VIP 7 want to reveal what actually happens in your head.

Gianmarco has published a series of videos where he explains that has happened between the two. An unexpected rupture, apparently by a infidelity of Adara Miller. “I’m out of here, because I discovered a few messages Adara filtreando with other guys, in particular with one”, he starts by saying the Italian, after revealing that Miller even was going to be with the one who could be her lover. “For me, the lack of respect in a relationship are very serious and this is very serious, so now I need a little time”added the Italian. Now Adara Miller is no longer part of your life.

The young man stayed in Spain for it and now can not return to Italy with his family. By the time they have no choice but to stay together for the coronavirus, but as soon as you can will with yours.