“He was about to die.” Ortega Cano is silent. Spain and Save me in shock


ortega cano

March 27, 2020
(11:43 CET)

Ortega Cano does not see with good eyes the contest Ana Maria Aldón. The right-hander did not want his wife to go to the reality to not be alone and to not get back in the spotlight, as has happened. The contestants, although in the distance, have been affected by the coronavirus. They are very worried about their relatives and this has made that have the state of mind alicaído. The survivors raised aspects of their life, and sinceran with their peers, their only allies in these times. The wife of the bullfighter has decided to come clean and talk about one of their episodes more traumatic.

The designer told Yiya how bad he felt when he began his relationship with Ortega Cano. For a long time, he was on the point of look at. The media tachaban of interested and received a lot of criticism, even the vast majority thought their small was not the son of the bullfighter.

“My son is the same as that Ortega Cano, has your feet, your head, neck…All, igualitos the two. If someone had a doubt once, which is annoying. It is one thing that I will not forgive in life. Someday I will deal with me directly. To me no one has asked me to apologize, I should have been stoned to death, I don’t understand how someone that does not know me may think that I am a climbs. I was on the verge of not surviving. It’s not fair”, it has been reported the most affected.

ana maria aldón

Jorge Javier Vázquez wanted to clarify this story with the presence of Gloria Camila in the studio. “You started to say many outrageous things. She was crying and what was wrong but kept silent not to go to the circus. Has silenced many mouths because my brother is just like my father”.

The presenter has thought about it and has told, that “all this has come to very well, go to the program to be announced”. Glory, for its part, has wanted to finish off: “People criticize without knowing. They talked a lot, but there are seven years of relationship”.