How dare you! Alexa Dellanos crouches down and brings it to the mouth


When it comes to lead up to unsuspected limits Alexa Dellanos it seems to have had the best of teachers. Or the same thing it was she who invented the provocationthat with Alexa you never know.

The model, or influencer or instagramer –because we don’t have very clear what it does- you have found the philo you are searching for in their curves and show them. And in doing that in each one of its publications that seem to grow up without knowing very well how, although what we imagine.

The companion knife de Mirka Dellanos do not have enough hours in the day to dedicate the day off. Fly, look what’s theirs on the beaches of who-knows-where, or go out to dinner at the most exclusive restaurants are all the occupation that filled with the pages of your agendawithout year start in the profession of the ‘living vacuum’ and appear to last eternally, what a way to live yours!

Although it is true that you know post the right picture, the appropriate attribute and with the styling right, is a machine to come up sets and situations.

Even the most barren, insipid, a supermarket, a relevance in the hands of Alexa.

Because he knows that bending down to the lower shelves, his rear will be visible to all who look at it.

Because their jeans are ready to mark based well his entire back.

And because any little thing can be carried to the mouth causing to the staff and throwing the cane so that it is impossible to get out of the network, the tricks of the defending more than well in this.

We have No idea of your intentions in your next publication, but, having regard to what has been seen we do not doubt that you will surprise you. And to leave us with the mouth open with something as simple as a grocery store, I often art you have!