“I have removed half a lung.” María Patiño, very concerned (and it is by coronavirus)


March 27, 2020
(12:52 CET)

María Patiño is very worried about Fiama, contestant of The island of temptations. Weeks ago spoke of his severe illness, and it knows that it is a person of high risk against the coronavirus that’s why all of prevention is low. Fiama Rodríguez, known by their passage through The island of temptation, has been locked in his house during these days and has not given even a single news. For this reason his followers have been concerned and would not have left more remedy than to provide an explanation through their social networks.

fiama account that has a disease in the lung

The young man has a disease in the lung and it is what has kept him secluded from the spotlight. “Boys and girls I’ve been a little missing, but since he has missed all of the Coronavirus even more. I’ll tell you my case, I am in a perfect state, I have nothing but I have decided to isolate myself a little bit, stay home, not go out for anything more that what is mandatory“he started explaining.

“A while ago I had a problem in the lung, then you do not know in what way I can impact a pneumonia, for example. In principle, I do not have to spend anything but you need to prevent”has finished off the canary islands with a gesture of concern.

“We don’t know how complicated it can get to be my situation. I have a lung and a half, I removed a piece of lung with 17, but I don’t know why exactly. It is a very rare thing that happens to very few people in the world and I had the bad luck that touched me. It was not for smoking, although I’d like to say that tobacco is very, very bad. I have been told that I am high-risk with regard to the coronavirus that’s why I have recommended that I stay home, I don’t know how I can affect a pneumonia,” explained the canary at the insistence of their ‘followers’.