I HEART ATTACK! Osmariel Villalobos shows his toned body aboard a cruise ship (+PHOTOS)


It seems that the leader of venezuela, Osmariel Villalobos, I fell like a ring on a finger of singleness and that is that each day that passes, more sparkly, and with a body of infarction.

The Zulia Osmariel Villalobos published a few photos that have stolen the breath more than one, because he has ceased to see her spectacular figure and her tummy made of steel.

In the photograph, the exmiss showed in his account on Instagram basking in the sun aboard the Disney cruise, where you without a doubt is enjoying not only a well deserved holiday but their new marital status.

In the message of the publication, the driver who for some time based on United States I wished his followers a good start to the week.

The comments did not wait, and the users of Instagram started to commend her for having those six-pack well defined.

It is worth mentioning that recently, the creole revolutionized the social networks to confirm their definitive separation of Juan Pablo Galavis. Now that you are without any commitment, has not lost time to demonstrate that your physique is better than ever and has even thought of to regain those extra pounds that he left when he went to Venezuela.

By the winds that blow the ex-cheerleader Portada’s continuing with their professional projects in the city of the sun, and certainly looks more fresh and with a better attitude than when I was the lady of Galavis.

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