I pump!!! The appointment secret of Jorge Javier Vázquez on Grindr

Jorge Javier Vázquez

March 27, 2020
(11:57 CET)

What happens in Survivors remains in Survivors, always and when it is not Jorge Javier Vázquez the protagonist. It does not allow things to remain hidden, even though they are of him. The spirits on the island were very warmed, so that the presenter decided to put a little humor from a film set and relax the tension. The Catalan want to reveal the first contact he had with Jose Antonio Aviles, one of the great discoveries of this edition.

Jose Antonio Aviles and Jorge Javier Vázquez is met through an app to pick up, much earlier than in the corridors of Telecinco. Specifically Grindr. His companions were also not able to contain the laughter. It seems that already knew how he knew both faces of the chain. The partner of Living the life I didn’t want Jorge Javier Vázquez tell them live. He felt embarrassed by the situation.

jorge javier vázquez, and josé antonio avilésFerre was the one who gave rise to all desvelase. “Did you meet in an application. You, you appeared to nine meters”. Already you could sense where they were the shots. “He was the one who… is Not that I want to do more. Now I have closed it again. One will have told you not to…”said the presenter. “He had a photo of my torso and he asked me where I was because I was going out to nine meters. On a Sunday that I came to present ‘The time of discount’ and he was ‘Living the life’. And I then said to him: ‘Listen, do not come to me with nonsense that I’m going to be your presenter’”.

Aviles made it clear that he only had one presenter and that is called Emma Garcia. Jorge Javier already knew that it was Aviles and that would be the next contestant on Survivor, this is why I said that. “It is a tiracañas the José Antonio,” joked Ferre. Aviles died of shame.

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