I serious trouble! Nagore Robles and Sandra Barneda not be able to help you. “Do not stop crying


March 27, 2020
(11:07 CET)

The coronavirus affects thousands of people. Some families have been seen as losing a loved one without even being able to be at your side and say goodbye to the. All citizens remain locked in their homes during the next few weeks to avoid the spread of the virus and not saturate the hospitals. It is not known when will end all this and be able to return to normal, but some people are really going wrong. It is the case of Toñi Moreno and Nagore Robles and Sandra Barneda, their friends and peers, cannot do anything to help her. As much as a video call.

To Toñi Moreno isolation he was caught in Madrid with her daughter Lola in just 2 months. The presenter, due to their situation and that of the country, has had to park their work commitments. MYHYV is cancelled until further notice. For entertainment, Toñi Moreno is the new star of the channel Mtmad. The andalusian publishes videos where it tells you how is your day-to-day and also getting in shape with a personal trainer. Going to start a big challenge. A diet as strict and has heavy before you put hands to the work. Since then, these weeks are not easy-to-do diet.

I weight always in the morning… 70,07. I have not lost even a gram, what a despair! I have been with the challenge for three weeks, and the worst thing of all is that it is not that you have lost weight is that I have gained 500 grams. I don’t have a scientific explanation for that, I have done everything that I have commanded you,” has started confessing.

Toñi Moreno Mtmad“I started eager to the challenge, my coaches are wonderful. I am doing, I am doing method. Why not am losing weight? I’m locked at home with my daughter and it is not that I harte to eat but my glass of wine I drink every night. Although good, I have to admit that there are things that I am not doing well, the other day I ate a piece of leg of lamb with potatoes”, has revealed to the surprise of many”, account.

She knows that in these times it is difficult to control the meals and always be in a home without many of the obligations makes that you end up raiding the fridge. Toñi Moreno is doing everything possible to comply, however, is proving anything but easy. His daughter Lola interrupted his training due to the crying. : “I know that everyone is doing a huge effort by the quarantine, but I am alone in a flat, with Lola… I have to relax with the topic of food. It is very difficult. Hats off to the mothers that have two children. I have the house that seems to have come to fumigate”, has sentenced.