Is that what is your salary? Georgina Rodriguez and the astronomical salary received per month

March 27, 2020
(19:41 CET)

Georgina Rodriguez it is known as the model who managed to fall in love with Cristiano Ronaldo. Something that couldn’t do a Paris Hilton or Irina Shayk, just to name a few of the beautiful women that came out with the crack of Juventus. The couple looks happy in every opportunity that allows it, enjoying the family life.

Everything indicates that the happiness of being in love is not the only one who enjoys the Spanish, as it was known, their salary, and it is a scandal.

I was sure that money problems had not, but when you look at the amounts, it still causes total and utter surprise.

Georgina Rodriguez

A gift of Cristiano Ronaldo

According to a research, it was revealed that CR7 gives a monthly salary to Georgina of between 50 thousand and 100 thousand euros. This money is intended to their personal care and that of their children.

Those earnings in your account are not for services, but that does not lack anything. A small gift from the Portuguese to not need to accept jobs that you do not like, and can be more demanding with the campaigns they offer.

And is that that money is to add up what you earn through the advertising campaigns of several products, approximately 10 thousand euros.

We now understand how he was able to give Cristiano Ronaldo a Mercedes AMG G63 on his last birthday. The accounts are clear.

Do you reach out to Georgina Rodriguez with 110 thousand euros per month to cover all of your needs? You may struggle to get to the end of the month.