It was demonstrated! Justin Bieber broke another record! What talent!


Justin Bieber not only has a talent for music, if not that can dance better than many professionals of the discipline.

The singer of “Yummy” is added to the social network of Tik Tok and broke a challenge posed by his beloved wife Hailey Baldwin.

Without a doubt, the quarantine has been encouraged by the return of Bieber to the platforms, and within minutes, his video became viral, leaving you delighted all his admirers.

In recent years, the artist deprived their fans of new jobs record, however, does not stop to give material to through your account Intagram.

The husband of Hailey since it is not famous for his controversial appearances that scared them to their followers, as his life changed after his marriage.

Justin has consolidated its image and currently enjoys, as many famous, stay home, declaring his love publicly every time you have a chance.

The canadian, winner of a Choice Award, will be giving away happy moments with his wife, waiting for the quarantine quick pass to reunite with his beloved public.