Jorge Javier Vázquez warned. “He paints very badly”. The last time that changes everything


March 28, 2020
(11:40 CET)

Eye because in the last hours a information that flows by Telecinco has left many with his mouth open. Among them, Jorge Javier Vazquez, one of the protagonists. And that is, of course, the protagonist of the mess is no other than the coronavirus, the virus that is paralyzing Spain and the world and has already become a global pandemic.

A virus whose propagation is so high that, fearing that the health system is collapsing by the increase of cases, the Spanish authorities have decreed the state of alarm. A state in which you can only leave the house in case of necessity to go to work or to the grocery store, but little else.

Yes, at least for the moment, it seems that in Telecinco are not seeing so affected their programming. However, in the last few hours are starting to take a series of measures that could change everything.

jorge javier vázquez

The notice to Jorge Javier Vázquez

And is that, as pointed out by some from within, “this paints a very bad”. The case is that many were those who few days ago asked that the issue of Survivors it will cancel. But Paolo Vasile he said no.

The contest goes ahead in Hondurasalthough, yes, as noted by the string, some of the deportees that have returned to Spain. In fact, the Huffington Post, I collected the words of sources close to the foreign ministry on the theme: “we Bring some of the eliminated contestants, but important part of the production team and the rest of the contestants have decided to stay to try to complete the competition”.

The case is that there are few that take it for granted that, taking into account also that since the Government are proposing to toughen the measures of the confinement, both the contest, as well as programs such as Save me remain on stand-by for a time.

While some of the contributors to stay at home and go from there in a direct, Jorge Javier Vázquez and others who come to the film set. Hence, since there are those who assume that this ‘trap’ of the program could come to an end soon.