Justin Bieber congratulates Hailey Baldwin and ignites rumors of pregnancy


Justin and Hailey have been shown to be very loving from his first wedding, in fact, it seems that nothing interferes between your happiness. Here is how I have shown all these months. Even, the guy does not lose the opportunity to tell his wife how much he loves her, and this time, it has not been the exception, because Hailey it is fulfilling 23 years.

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As expected, Bieber wanted to do this greeting in a public way, in his account of Instagramsharing a photo is divided in the model with their wedding dress on the left side and the right-hand side, the spouses sharing a sweet kiss.

Happy birthday girls! I do want to be better every day! The way you live your life is so attractive … I get excited in all the senses. The next season of BABIES.

The canadian has been given to understand that he would love to enlarge your familyand yes, make it bigger, we refer to bring beautiful babies Justin-Baldwin to the world, but who else is congratulating the famous publication? If well, not only speak of his beloved, could it be that the dream has been made reality?

In addition, with “next season, babies”, makes us suspect that in the 2020the young couple we might be surprised with the news that Hailey is pregnant. WHAAAT?

For the moment, the only thing that we can say that is sure, is that the desire of Justin Bieber by being a parent, each time they become larger, and this increases the possibility that soon, that dream will be a reality. OMG!