Justin Bieber reveals why he preferred to marry with Hailey Baldwin than with Selena Gomez


A few weeks ago, the singer of ‘Yummy’ gave to Zane Lowe interviews, the most intimate and controversial of his life, where he made great confessions about their past loving, as that Justin Bieber was unfaithful to Hailey Baldwin and Selena Gomez.

‘As she (Hailey) I wanted, to see me with other people, it hurt him a lot and, that said, she also did things that I dolieron. And it was too much pain: I had done harm to her, and she to me’, he recalled the interpreter of 25 years, in addition to which he explained that in your previous relationship (with Selena Gomez) also struggled to be faithful.

‘Before all that, in my previous relationship, disappeared, and did crazy things and I behaved like a savage; I did not think of no one more than me’, he admitted in the same conversation. And, just by these strong confessions, Hailey Baldwin wants Selena Gomez forgives Justin Bieber for the damage that he did in the past, because the model is convinced that her husband is remorseful for the mistakes he made and that, furthermore, it has become a better person.

But this controversial interview of Justin for Apple music also allowed the canadian singer to respond to a question that many people had done…