Justin Bieber will have a new album with songs from Hailey Baldwin


When will the new album of Justin Bieber?

The latest posts in Instagram from the singer of ‘Sorry’ did his fans suspect, quickly, just that Justin released again in the early 2020!

5 years have passed from the last release of Bieber (‘Purpose’ in 2015)for what their fans hope that their suspicions are true and that next year Justin will surprise us with a lot of hits.

From mid-2018, Justin Bieber had announced that I would not do new album until marry with Hailey Baldwin and kept his word!

Considering that you already celebrated your big wedding (exactly one year after I was married in a civil ceremony), it seems that Justin will have more free time to launch and promote her new album that we hope will come soon!

What will speak the songs of Justin Bieber-inspired Hailey?

A source close to the singer revealed to E! News that some of the next musical themes of Bieber will be inspired by Hailey Baldwin, especially if you focus on your marriage and fight against depression.

‘Has had some phases dark, going to mention their mental health problems and how to have surpassed… Also write about the love there is between them and how different it has been for him, this experience (your marriage)’, declared the same source, who explained that Bieber will make a special tribute to his wife in order to thank you for all the support that she has given and for the way in which transformed her life.