Karol G becomes mad as well. Look at what you put for the quarantine


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March 27, 2020
(19:32 CET)

Karol G wanted to make it clear to the world that being locked in the house because it does not have to be boring and that is why he has decided to teach the world how will she dressed these days for your home.

To the surprise of all the colombian singer was going as your partner Anuel AA dressed like the protagonists of the film of drawings, Lilo and Stith.

An outfit that has provoked the laughter of many and the reaction of their fans who have not stopped to write comments on the publication.

A success

In fact, Karol G already has over three million likes on the publication and seems to be liking the idea that much of the colombian going in disguise for the home and the social networks it has been able to see many of his followers doing the same thing.

A lot of people have been disguised at their house and has labeled the couple’s reggeatton creating a movement improvised that has grown very fast in Colombia.

Support Natti Natasha

A few days ago Natti Natasha skipped the quarantine and took several photos in the beach that were widely criticized in the social networks to put them all in danger.

Karol G wanted to help her friend with several messages of support and a photo together with the presence of Becky G, who has joined the support to the singer of the Dominican Republic.