Katy Perry removes song with Kanye West as a show of support to Taylor Swift


Katy Perry it has caused furor in the social networks after that his loyal fans had to know that the famous singer had removed his collaboration with Kanye West an important list of Spotify as a show of support Taylor Swift for the scandal a couple of days.

Despite the fact that years ago Taylor Swift and Katy Perry staged one of the rivalries most controversial of the music industry, of which there emerged great music videos which dominated the charts, we’re talking about Swish Swish and Bad Blood.

But that enmity has been left behind and both these celebrities have shown that between them there is a great friendship, which we were able to check when Katy Perry appeared in the video of You Need To Calm Down in order to embrace Taylor Swift while they were in the guise of hamburger and French fries.

Katy Perry removes song with Kanye West as a show of support to Taylor Swift.

Katy Perry shows her support to Taylor Swift

In the last few days Taylor Swift has become the trend of social networks after that Kim Kardashian revive the scandal, which the singer starred with her husband Kanye West, who insulted within your song Famous, and although the rapper said to have the authorization for it to do so, four years after they knew it was not true.

For that reason and after becoming a global trend the hashtag #KanyeWestIsOverParty, Katy Perry has not stood with folded hands and has been deleted from the “playlist ” This Is Katy Perry’s” Spotify the song E. T, which was a collaboration he undertook with the rapper during the year 2012, who released her album Teenage Dream: Complete Confection.

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The news was released via a Twitter account dedicated to Katy Perry, who pointed out that the reason why the singer decided to withdraw his collaboration with Kanye West for this important list in Spotify was to simply show your support to Taylor Swift.

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