Kelly Clarkson responds to her obvious weight gain


Kelly Clarkson has not been in the news for his music, but by the transformation undergone by your body.

The winner of the first-generation of “American Idol“it has always been a woman with curves, but now her weight gain is very obvious.

After that the singer went up to one several pounds, and your style is transformed, the clothes began to use were unflattering.

Let the dresses of court “A” type and chose clothes much easier, although less attractive.

Kelly Clarkson Getty
Kelly Clarkson Twitter

It’s the truth!

After viralizaran a few photos where it becomes clear his unrecognizable look, the star revealed why she does not want to lose weight.

“I’m wonderful! It doesn’t bother me. The world is free. Say what you want, I never have imported what people say; it only matters if I’m happy,” he told People magazine.

The last few weeks has been heavily criticised for its more than obvious weight gain, but at the same time she has made it clear that it does not affect him in the least.

Last 4th of July, Kelly greeted his fans via Twitter on the Day of the Independence of the U.S. and thanked the men and women who protect your nation.

In response, one user wrote simply: “you’re fat”. Of course, she did not remain silent, and he tweeted back: “…. and yet, fucking awesome”