Kiara attacks against the merchants for not accepting dollar bills striped


Kiara you said bothers me in the social networks by the attitude of the merchants with respect to the dollars that are scratched or marked.

The venezuelan singer Kiara used their social networks to express their opinion with regard to the attitudes taken the traders when they are given a dollar scratched or markednow this ticket is in circulation in Venezuela due to the economic crisis that is going through where all the products are valued at the price of the parallel dollar.

Kiara was up to twitter to write “Until when the merchants ignorant are going to be with the straw of the dollar scratched or marked? Stupid! It is the main international reserve currency. A stripe or a trademark does not affect its value!”.

These statements were irrigated quickly by all the social networks and it won the support of several internet users, who were fully in agreement with the thought that you have the singer with regard to this situation.

In the publication, the comments stated that this is because the venezuelan is still somewhat ignorant in this regard and that the town does not have full knowledge of the value of the dollarbeyond what you see in the pages of the internet.

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