“Little liar”. Oh Lydia Lozano between the ropes! New ridiculous in Save me


March 27, 2020
(10:40 CET)

Before you be confined at home by the coronavirus, Lydia Lozano was the great protagonist of Save me during the last few weeks. The collaborator came to set with that it looked like a great exclusive, but finally it was not so. She claimed that he had knowledge that Rocio Flores and Rocio Carrasco had kept to private conversations. However it was all a hoax from someone you trust. The tertuliana was portrayed. However, far from falling down came out reinforced, but has now received a new blow.

The family Bosé has been pointed out by a news totally false. Lydia Lozano entered its program using a video call to talk about Lucia Bosé, sadly deceased this week because of the coronavirus, and your life, making it clear that they had a close relationship. The daughter of the matriarch did get a message to Save me denying any kind of relationship of Lydia with his mother and leaving once more the journalist against the ropes.

release lucia dominguin to us.“Don’t know nothing of my private environment and, therefore, it does not represent at all the reality but rather a fanciful imagination that reaches to rub the obsession“says this press release to Save me from the sister of Miguel Bosé, who has said: “we have Not had any intimate friendship with her, has never been the friend of none of us,” reads the press release that Lydia has been able to see live.

lydia lozano lucia boséIn his last Deluxe well it is true that Lucia Bosé was shown to have affection to the partner. Both melted into a warm embrace. But his daughter remains in that there is not much to do as Lydia has hinted: “I appeal to the common sense, solidarity and respect. First, by the situation of all the families of this country, and second by the respect that both want to brag to Lucia Bosé, my mother“ends his message.