look at the picture and lo and behold


It is only normal that now that you have finished the summer let’s look back remembering the sun, the beach and the free time, the winter and the lack of light has its middle charm, but nothing to do with the holidays.

And this no wonder the free time is not only own of the people on foot, that of the section rosa go to the gift shop, at least Rita Ora you will recognize it.

The singer has finished their holidays as every son of a neighbor and returns to the fray with his music and with his textile designs in red color, because Rita is a recognized influencer textile copied and reproduced for other up to say enough is enough.

Little can be copied fashion victims of her bikini simple not to be that is the size, because even though it has nothing worthy of mention for the award goes to the performer and his figure, because to be honest, the artist is great.

He says that he has walked the palmetto by Greeceby Ibiza and how much beach has been given a shot. Imagine the face of everyone who has recognized it, even though we are us who would like to have seen her.

Back to work and some other open front

And back to yours, but with a controversy that has nothing to do with his music. And it has been discovered that Rita had a relationship with Brooklyn Beckham, the well-known son of David and Victoria Beckham who put the cry in heaven to learn of the mess. By the looks of it the couple of handsome they were not pleased that the girl his son was older than him and is dedicated to the music forcing its stem to leave the relationship.

The same thing Victoria did not want to enter another big in fashion in the family, which is jealousy.