Ludwika Palette is revealed as antivacunas let None of your children are vaccinated!


Ludwika Palette it is located in the middle of the controversy in social networks to reveal that it is a “mom antivacunas” and that none of their children have received the recommended vaccines for children.

Ludwika Palette is revealed as antivacunas let None of your children are vaccinated!

Ludwika Palette and his eldest son, Nicólas

In an interview with “Faces of Mexico”, Ludwika Palette 41 years oldsaid that you do not want to “controversy” but have decided not to vaccinate her twins just 3 years of age, as it did with your son now 21 years old.

“Lately, I am very healthy oriented and I am half alternative; I don’t want to enter into controversy (laughs), but I am of the that he has not put a single vaccine to my babies.”

In addition to not vaccinating the twins, Barbara and Sebastian, in all his years as a mother, Ludwika Palette, it has never given drugs to their children when they are sick, even his firstborn, Nicholas.

Ludwika Palette explained how to caters to their children when they are sick: in the case of a fever, give them a homeopathic medicine every hour until the completion of their discomfort.

Ludwika Palette criticized in networks

To be known what Ludwika Palette has never vaccinated their children, in addition to having no intentions of doing so in the future, the actress was heavily criticized in social networks such as Twitter.

Internet Users call it “irresponsible” and “unconscious” to Ludwika Palette for refusing to vaccinate their children when Mexico goes through an outbreak of measles, 100% preventable with vaccines, and which had been virtually eradicated until they started the trend antivacunas.

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The outbreak of measles, the threat of the coronavirus, so that Ludwika Palette was criticized by trust in homeopathic medicine in place of the experts in full pandemic by COVID-19.

In Mexico there were 73 cases of measles and over 700 infected with coronavirus and 12 who died from the new disease.