Lupita of “Enamorándonos” alarm to the loving it Is faint in the full program!


In the last program “Enamorándonos” we lived moments very scandalous with several loving reality show of TV Azteca, because one of them was starring Lupita, the loving greatly alarmed his companions.

We remember that through the social network unveiled a press release revealing that the dating program will make a pause, and in its place will be the project “The end”, but does the news affect to the loving?.

The participant of “Enamorándonos” was in her resolution of appointment with his sagging, but unexpectedly it was present in the forum an old love of Lupita; but the reaction of the loving was not expected.

The love is faint in the full program Photo: YouTube

The love is faint in the full program Photo: YouTube

Immediately the paramedics of the program of TV Azteca arrived on the scene to assist the loving, who was lying on the ground, after the scare that lived to be reunited with his ex-partner.

The fainting of the loving

What happened to Lupita? It seems that the loving began to feel bad due to the impression of seeing an old love, as revealed to the conductive Carmen Muñoz that he had not eaten anything.

After the embarrasing moment of the participant of “Enamorándonos”, some internet users began to mention that this was all part of the program of TV Azteca, now that will no longer be on television, you wanted to have a moment scandalous.

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“Pathetic performance from the entire cast. False to the end”, “passed out of the ugly that is Lidio”, “Only they failed to invent it “fainted, for she is pregnant with Lily,””. Were some comments of the users.

We remember that the love of TV Azteca was expelled from the program, but apparently the production gave a new opportunity to be integrated into the project to find the love in this 2020.

Photo: YouTube.