‘Mad Max’: Anya Taylor-Joy could be the protagonist of the spin-off of Furious


Five years ago, was premiered in the movie theaters ‘Mad Max: Fury road’, in which we were able to see for the first time Imperator Furious, played by Charlize Theron. Since then, rumors about a possible movie focusing on Furious have not done more to growand even have been driven by George Miller, the director of the film.

  Anya Taylor-Joy

There are several actors that we could see in the spin-off, as Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Richard Madden or Jodie Eat. Now, according to Variety, is the young Anya Taylor-Joy that is in mouth of all, and that is that, the actress, who would have been meeting with Miller via Skype and phone calls, it could be the protagonist of the film.

Furious has become one of the most beloved characters of ‘Mad Max’, but the most. For the fans, his appearance in ‘Mad Max: Fury road’ eclipsed the performance of the own Tom Hardy, the protagonist, and his story elicited a lot of interest when displayed as a strong, brave woman prior to working for Inmortan Joe had a past worthy of having, which would have driven up there

Does the countdown begins?

Despite the fact that, in 2017, Charlize Theron confessed to Variety we would be delighted to re-interpret the character, everything would point to that Taylor-Joyknown for appearing in films such as ‘Multiple’ or ‘The Secret of Marrowbone’, it might take the lead. He has pending premiere ‘The New Mutants’.

Although the coronavirus is doing that all the projects are delayed, Miller would be working endlessly in the prequel, which could begin filming in 2021.