Maluma and Natalia Barulich were separated-she confirmed and he went out with two girls


The rumors about the separation of Maluma and Natalia Barulich came to an end after the model confirm their separation for the colombian artist, after two years of relationship.

During the last few days both were in the focus of the media by the unstable situation that they were living as a couple. It all started after that Maluma delete the many photos that I had with Natalia in her official page of Instagram. A few days later rumors about a possible infidelity came afloat after it released images of the dj north american along with Neymar in Paris, where he had appointments in restaurants, and even a visit from Natalia to a party to the Paris Saint Germain, team where he plays the brazilian.

Finally, Barulich decided to speak out to end the speculation about your situation of love. In an interview with the average north american Page Six, the model confirmed what many suspected: “I really Love Juan Luis (Maluma) but at this moment in time we need a time for us and our careers, so that we can continue to grow as artists and individuals.”

Maluma chose not to refer to the subject and was happy in social networks, where he greeted his followers and we wanted to a great week from New York where he is recording the movie Marry Menext to JLO and Owen Wilson. Yesterday, went to watch a game of ice hockey with two girls. Who will be?

Maluma at Madison Square Garden (Photo: REX Features/Shutterstock /The Grosby Group )
Maluma at Madison Square Garden (Photo: REX Features/Shutterstock /The Grosby Group )