Maluma launched a jab at an ex and Natalia Barulich immediately reacted


The singer added a fun phrase to a publication, and his ex-girlfriend did not hesitate to ask for an explanation.

Jan 23, 2020 8:49By:

The singer Malumathat makes a few months terminated his relationship with model and dj Natalia Barulichwith the one who saves is still a big friendship, had a fun time with your former spouse.

Through your account Instagramthe artist shared a picture in which is seen seated on a sofa very happy and smiling looking at the phone and took the opportunity to throw a jab at one of their exnovias.

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“When you called your ex-pa’ back”, were the words with which we decided to describe the image.

Although a number of her fans reacted with many noting that it could be Natalia, the model immediately responded and very your way clarified that clearly was not her, asking in addition to an explanation.

“Damn it, what ex”he told Natalia, sparking various speculations about the sentimental life of the artist.

It should be noted that the famous former spouse had a courtship of about 2 years, where, according to Natalia, they were on very good terms and decided to take separate paths to continue to grow professionally.

It is important to mention that in the last days the artist was seen very romantic with the Russian model Vivien Rubin, with whom he spent a large part of your vacation, however, up to the moment none has been confirmed or denied that sustain a romance in earnest, as for many it’s just about something passenger.

Even many fans are still keeping the hope that there might be a reconciliation with Natalia, who did not leave the door closed and who was praised recently for his birthday publicly for the singer.

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