Maluma provides a proof of the alleged infidelity of Natalia Barulich


Maluma surprised everyone with his breakup with Natalia Barulich, who wore out a long time. Rumors of infidelity on her part took weeks to circulate and it seems that Maluma is willing to test the reason of the breakup.

The singer has returned to sow controversy, has shared an image that would prove the alleged infidelity of his ex-partner with a footballer.

The photo in question shared in your account of Instagram, and it appears Natalia with the player, nothing less than Neymar, with whom he is said to have had something and in fact, was the cause of their break up. The meeting between the two could happen when the model traveled to Europe a couple of weeks ago.

The relationship between the singer and Natalia seems to be totally broken, in fact he has deleted all images where it appears with your ex-partnerfor the moment she has not deleted any of them.

Recently, Maluma shared a picture in which we see him with a pair of sunglasses in a kind of terrace, but what has attracted attention has been the message that accompanies the snapshot: “Baby you told me you were looking for when you win you had with him.”

Many of his followers have interpreted that this message is addressed to the model, in an indirect very direct towards the possible infidelity of her.

For now, none of the three parties have confirmed or denied the situation, but nothing is worth more than a picture, and by the time the photos are clear. In addition, Maluma is now busy recording his first foray into film, a romantic comedy on the big screen, accompanied by no less than the great Jennifer Lopez.

You what you think, what has passed between Maluma and Natalia Barrulich?