Maluma shares proof of the alleged infidelity of Natalia Barulich


The singer Maluma back to the top of the controversy after sharing a picture that would prove the alleged infidelity on the part of the model Natalia Barulichhis ex-partner who was rumored cheated the artist with famous player.

After confirming the rupture of the artist with Natalia Barulich now the performer of Reggaeton is back to shock the networks after sharing a picture that would be the proof of the alleged infidelity.

And is that in the instántanea, which he shared through his account of Instagram the model is displayed with the recognized soccer player best known as Neymar with whom they say, he has been seen on several occasions.

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So that could be the reason for which the singer could have put a stop to their relationship because apparently, Neymar would have kept an appointment with her.

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And is that the meeting of Barulich the player could have been raised at the time the model traveled to Europe a couple of weeks ago, so that rumoran held a meeting with the brazilian player who have also realised he has been given “likes” to the images of the model.

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On the other hand, the singer has erased all of the images where it appears with the model on account of Instagram, which reinforces the constant rumors, however, none of the two have been declared thereon.

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Recently, Maluma he shared an image that appears in the dress with a pair of sunglasses, necklaces, an earring and pulling out the tongue, what has most caught the attention is the message in the image reads:

Drink thou to me where looking for when you win you had with the” #FreshKerias.

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The majority of the netizens have been attributed to this publication is directed to the model, the controversial message has caused a frenzy in the popular network Instagram and has generated more than a million reactions.