Mauricio Ochmann TERRIFIES fans look haggard face what Is sick?


The famous actor Mauricio Ochmann who has been in controversy the past few weeks after announcing a separation from his wife, the actress Aislinn Derbez, has now caused a lot of concern by the strange look that he has worn in a picture.

It turns out that Mauricio Ochmann is concerned to her fans for her look emaciated, since the actor has posted several videos to the side of his small daughter, but his followers make their appearance looks sad and quite emaciated.

It seems that after the Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez announced that they decided to separate, to strengthen your relationship: “we Decided long ago to strengthen the relationship of friendship and stop the couple’s relationship”, he wrote in his profile of the famous actor.

By that same situation the fans of the actor have not stopped to ask in social networks about how you are feeling, without obtaining any answer yet, so several have decided to draw their own deductions according to how they see Mauricio Ochmann in networks.

It is noteworthy that Mauricio Ochmann is dedicated to posting videos on Instagram where he looks very happy, passing the quarantine at the side of his small daughter, Kailani, which has become their best companion.

Mauricio Ochmann looks haggard in this video

In particular in one of the recordings that has released Mauricio Ochmann, according to their fans looks emaciated, skinny said some and it seems that all the problems that is happening is quite evident and revealing his face.

Some of the comments highlighted in the publication are these: “You look a little skinny and emaciated”, “you’re very skinny brother. Of insurance are the effects of depression”, “Cuidate, Mauricio Ochmann, you look very tired”, among many others.

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It should be noted that Mauricio Ochmann Siordia is a mexican actor of american origin known for his participation in soap operas, both in Mexico and in the united States of America for the latino community.